Great Design for Life !

As we always say; “We are building TRUST first.”
Architecture and Construction is a way of life for us. It is our half-century family profession. dbs is founded to transfer its 50 years of experience to the next generation of design and building services in line with the expectations of the new millennium era.

dbs, is an Architecture and engineering company which performs the R&D services in-house. It provides and offers all Engineering calculations and solutions in the light of science. It provides design and application services with international quality and standards. Worksite HSE standards are much higher than the market practices in Turkey and %100 compatible with Turkish laws and regulations.
Our Vision, (we call it I Care) below principles in all dbs construction sites are always applied;

• If there is work on site, HSE specialists are there full-time.
• All Employees’ Insurances are full and all protective equipment are complete.
• All of our construction sites are under coverage with All-Risk, 3rd Party Liability and Employer’s Liability insurances.
• All of our HSE procedures are framed by ISO 45001 Certification.
In dbs, with our industry-leading applications, we intend to add an innovative vision to the Architecture and Construction services.

“Why should I choose dbs?”
With its new generation service understanding that develops expertise and knowledge, we work endlessly to answer this question in the best way.

Exceptional Design Functional Spaces

3D Visualization with AR + VR support

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainable design and build solutions with certified materials

Advanced High-tech Solutions

Smart buildings with dbs 4.0 approach

Materials that respect human life

% 100 non toxic and non carcinogenic materials and sub-materials

Boutique A++ Service

Customer support, single point of contact account manager dedicated you

All-in-one Service Support

Move management, maintenance furniture consultancy